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Peggy Hefner
Proofreader | Virtual Assistant | FB Ads | Funnel Creator
About Me
Hello everyone. My name is Peggy Hefner, and I would like you to follow me on my journey of working from home. I want to help you in your journey by sharing the mistakes I made. At times, I may even get sidetracked and blog about things that are currently affecting my life at the moment. Only because when you are working from home, in reality, you are homing from work. 

I am a proofreader for court reporters, bloggers, and small businesses. Another service I provide is creating and managing Facebook advertisements. I can also build a sales funnel on your website if you are selling online courses or webinars. Feel free to ask if I cover your niche. If I don't, I can refer you to someone who does.  
We Can Grow Your Business Together!
~ Peggy Hefner ~
 Self-Care E-book
I am currently giving away my FREE e-book on self-care for court reporters, office staff, and anyone who sits for long periods of time. The results of sitting for long periods of time can give us problems in the low back, neck, and even cause sciatic flare-ups. When you don't have time to go to the gym these helpful instructions on stretching should pull you through. 
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